April 4, 2017

January 28, 2017

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Summer Beauty Boudoir

May 22, 2017

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Lost my mind? Studio Renovations Phase 2 and 3

April 13, 2017

Since our lease was coming up in November-  I had been looking around for a new place because we have just completely run out of photography space. I wanted to build more sets and I just could not. But I'm extremely happy in my current space and certainly have enough at 2200 square feet. So I decided to politely ask our landlord if he would take care of knocking out walls for us if I stayed and signed a new lease.

.......Magic dust now falls all around me covering all of my pants, shirt, hair and the entire studio floor. Watch what you wish for :)

Phase 2 and 3 at the studio are well underway.


If you've been following our blog post you can see where we have talked about phase 1. Phase 1 as I like to call it, was a remodel of our front reception area and our smaller make-up room and bathroom. 



Phase 2 included moving our current ordering room to one of our larger make up rooms. Adding paneling to match the front and ambient wall lighting. PLUS paint.






Phase 3 included knocking out all of the walls in the "west wing" of the studio( this includes our viewing room, dressing room and headshot room) and moving our entire rear storage area to our old office. 






Today we worked feverishly on phase 2 and 3 when we returned from spring break- our walls were down and a mess ensued. Thankfully my family came to help finalize our viewing room and completed setting up computers. Anita and I worked in the back all day moving items to create a dressing room that people could enjoy for the time being until we are able to completely remodel that area. 

Tonight I am feeling like I have lost my mind, as I sit here exhausted and sniffling from a head cold. But really I could not be happier at how my visions are becoming a reality!



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