Booking Q & A

*What is Boudoir Photography?

  • We feel that Boudoir encompasses being intimate, sexy, classy, and beautiful. Our boudoir style of photography is focused on flattering, tasteful posing that highlight your beauty and strength, with a flair of sexy and classy. 

*Who should get a Boudoir Shoot?

  •  EVERY woman. Everytime we do a photoshoot, I can not help but be giddy about what you will be getting. A moment in time with stunning images of yourself to share. You, I promise, will be amazed at how stunning you are-right now!

*Where would my Boudoir shoot take place?

  • At our comfortable, private, fun loft located on the third floor inside THE STUDIO in Ashland VA. We have an all female staff,( our clients have named us the "triple threat" LOL)  We offer award winning hair and makeup- should you choose to add that, a photographer and posing assistant that will listen to you and help you through the process.


*Do I need to bring my own outfits?

  • Yes, you will need to bring your own outfits to the studio. Something you feel comfortable in. We love black and white! We suggests tighter fabric than loose, At the very minimum you must bring a bra and pantie set (we suggest black) Need Help? Email us or Anita will talk you through everything on the phone - give her a call- she has great suggestions :)


*How long will my photo shoot last?

  • You can plan on a minimum of 3 hours at our studio. We do a same day order session, so it takes about 1/2 day to go through everything. 

* Will you share my images?

  • We never share any images, unless you give us full permission. We will ask you in our questionnaire how you feel about this to start with. Your images are 100% private unless you give us your permission to post them.


*What is your Cancellation policy? 

  • We ask that in order to be able to reschedule your boudoir shoot without losing your booking fee or paying a $79 rebooking fee, you must call and let us know 24 hours before your shoot. 


*Do you shoot nude boudoir? 

  •  Sometimes we do. It depends on each client and their comfort level and their vision of what they are trying to create. We create an illusion of nudity in most cases. We will ask you about your comfort level on our questionnaire.

*I’m ready to book…what now?

  • Let’s get you on the studio calendar! Shoot us an email or call us as we would love to chat with you about your entire boudoir shoot related questions! 804.869.7763 |

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